E-liquid (also known as vape juice or e-juice) is the liquid used in e-cigarettes and other vaping devices to produce the vapour, flavour, and nicotine hit.

It usually consists of two main ingredients, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) as well as some additional ingredients such as flavourings, nicotine, and distilled water. E-liquids can consist of any ratio of PG and VG with high PG liquids having a thinner consistency that is suitable for use with lower wattage devices such as pods and starter kits, and high VG liquids having a thicker consistency that is suitable for sub-ohm vaping.

High PG e-liquids are usually preferred by ex-smokers and those that are new to vaping as they produce a stronger throat hit and a cleaner flavour. For a versatile e-liquid that is suitable for most devices up to 50 watts, a 50% PG/50% VG mix is ideal.

Our e-liquids are available in a variety of flavours including fruit, spice, beverage, dessert, candy, menthol, and tobacco flavours. At F&S Vape Shop, our range includes the following:

Shortfill E-Liquids

Shortfill e-liquids and shake and vape e-liquids are a range of nicotine-free juices that are supplied with space in the bottle for additional nicotine shots, nic salts, PG/VG, or coolers.

Usually supplied with 40ml, 50ml, or 100ml of e-liquid, the bottles have enough capacity for 1 or 2 10ml shots, which can be added at different strengths to create your perfect blend.

Popular brands in the shortfill range include Charlie's Chalk Dust, Zeus, Dinner Lady, Pacha Mama, Naked 100, and Wick Liquor.

Premixed E-Liquid

Premixed e-liquids are ready to use, combining PG, VG, and nicotine in high PG, high VG, and 50/50 ratios. Nicotine strengths are available are 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. Our range includes 10ml premixed e-liquids from 3 of the best brands on the market; Element, Vampire Vape, and Lazy.

Nic Salt E-Liquid

Nic salt e-liquids replace regular freebase nicotine with nic salts for a faster, more satisfying nicotine hit. As the nicotine is available in a purer form, it's a great option for those making the switch from cigarettes, providing faster nicotine absorption and less harshness on the throat.

Nicotine strengths available are 10mg and 20mg. Customer favourites in the nic salt e-liquid range include Anarchist, Nasty Juice, Element, and Riot Squad.

Vape Pods

Pre-filled pods are designed for use with pod systems and are available with freebase e-liquid and nic salts. At F&S Vape Shop, we stock pods that are compatible with Aspire Gusto Mini, JUUL, Relx, and Vuse. Nicotine strengths available are 12mg, 18mg and 20mg.

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  • Nicotine Shots

    Nic Salts

    Nic salts have gained popularity over the last few years especially with ex-smokers and MTL vapers. Derived from the naturally occurring salts in tobacco, they are available in a purer form that offers a faster nicotine hit and a smoother draw. As nic salts don't require ammonia to stabilise, they also produce less harshness on the throat. Our nic salt shots are suspended in either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, allowing you to fully customise your vape.

    Nic Shots

    If you prefer traditional freebase nicotine in your e-liquid, our range also includes nic shots available in either 9mg or 18mg. Available in TPD compliant 10ml bottles, they can be purchased mixed with either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. These nic shots are flavourless, so can be mixed with any flavoured e-liquids without affecting the overall flavour, however, vegetable glycerine may produce a sweeter flavour.

    VG Shots

    VG shots, or vegetable glycerine shots, are an important ingredient in your e-liquid if you're aiming for a sweeter flavour and luscious clouds of vapour. High VG e-liquids are ideal for use with sub-ohm devices and in RTAs and drippers.

    PG Shots

    PG shots, or propylene glycol shots, are thinner in consistency and completely flavourless. As it heats up more quickly, it is preferred if a sharper flavour and throat hit are a priority. High PG e-liquids are preferred by ex-smokers as they offer a vaping experience that is closer to that of smoking.

    High PG e-liquids are technically suitable for use with any device; however, they work best with vape starter kits, vape pods, and devices that use high resistance coils. Due to their thinner consistency, you may experience issues with flooding or leaking when used with sub-ohm devices. With higher power devices, the throat hit may also be too strong.

    Cooler Shots

    If you want to give your e-liquid flavour a twist, our cooler shots are the perfect choice. Simply add part or all of the cooler shot to 60ml of e-liquid to give it an icy-cool finish. Cooler shots are suspended in 70% VG/30% PG, so be sure to adjust your ratios accordingly.

    Short fill e-liquids

    All of the above-mentioned nic salts, nic shots, PG/VG, and cooler shots can be used with our range of short fill e-liquids. Short fill e-liquids leave space in the bottle for either 1 or 2 10ml shots, so you can mix and match the shots on this page to reach your desired ratio.

    Buy nic salts & nic shots at F&S Vape Shop

    Browse our range below to discover a selection of nic salts and nic shots and buy online today for fast UK delivery. If you require assistance in choosing the correct products for your DIY or short fill e-liquids, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Short fill e-liquids

    F&S Vape Shop stock a wide range of short fill e-liquids by the leading brands in the industry including Naked 100, Nasty Juice, Dinner Lady, Pacha Mama, Riot Squad, and Element.

    What are short fill e-liquids?

    Short fill e-liquids are exactly as they sound. Available with 40ml, 50ml, and 100ml of e-liquids, they are supplied with an additional space in the bottle to a shot of your choice.

    Unlike pre-mixed e-liquids, short fill e-liquids do not contain any nicotine making them ideal for use with nic shots and nic salts. Nicotine shots are available with 9mg or 18mg of nicotine allowing vapers to mix the e-liquid to their preferred strength. Nic salts are available in 18mg, the perfect option for new vapers looking for a faster hit without the harshness.

    Short fill e-liquids can also be mixed with cooler shots if you want to give them a menthol twist, or with PG or VG shots if you want to keep them at 0mg and reach a desired VG/PG ratio that isn't available as standard.

    Short fill e-liquids are designed for use with sub-ohm devices as they are generally mixed with a higher VG ratio, causing them to have a thicker consistency.

    How do you use a short fill e-liquid?

    By deciding on your required strength in advance, you can determine how many bottles of nicotine shots you require. Although you can mix short fill e-liquids with as much nicotine as you wish, they are usually designed to accommodate one or two 10ml shots in 9mg or 18mg strength.

    To use the short fill e-liquid, simply remove the cap and nib from the bottle, pour your chosen shot into the short fill bottle, replace the nib and cap, then shake thoroughly for 5-10 minutes to ensure they are fully mixed together.

    Be careful when pouring the nicotine shot into the short fill bottle to avoid any spillages. If any do occur, clean hands and surfaces immediately with warm water and soap.

    How much nicotine do you add to a short fill e-liquid?

    Below are guides for mixing to the recommended nicotine contents for each bottle size. Using additional nicotine with short fill e-liquids may result in a more diluted flavour.

    40ml bottle size. Desired strength: 3mg < add 2 x 10ml bottles of 9mg; 6mg < add 2 x 10ml bottles of 18mg

    50ml bottle size. Desired strength: 3mg < add 1 x 10ml bottle of 18mg

    100ml bottle size. Desired strength: 3mg < add 2 x 10ml bottles of 18mg

  • 10ml e-liquid

    F&S Vape Shop offers a fantastic selection of 10ml e-liquid options. With over 150 different flavours from Vampire Vape, Element E-Liquid, and Lazy, you're guaranteed to find the perfect vape juice to match your taste.

    Best Vape Juice Flavours

    Whether you prefer the sweet flavours of fruit, dessert, candy, or beverage inspired e-liquids, or choose to keep it traditional with rich tobacco or cool menthol, there is something for everyone. Our range has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best quality e-liquids at affordable prices. We also offer multi-buy savings and free UK delivery on qualifying orders over £25. With deals this good, you can try multiple flavours and discover your new favourite!

    Our e-liquid range includes 50/50 and high VG e-liquids, suitable for use in all vaping devices. If you are new to vaping, using a refillable pod device, or just prefer mouth to lung, choose one of the thinner 50/50 vape liquids for a more authentic vape. If you prefer direct to lung vaping or are using a sub-ohm device, choose one of the thicker high VG e-liquids for greater cloud production and a more flavoursome vape. For added peace of mind, all of the 10ml e-liquids listed in this category are manufactured using only the highest-quality ingredients including food grade flavourings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

    What is e-liquid?

    E-liquid is the juice that you add to your vaping device to create the vapour that you inhale. It usually consists of 5 ingredients:

    • Propylene glycol: A clear liquid with a texture that is slightly thicker than water. It is used in many everyday products as an additive or ingredient including food, healthcare products, and cosmetics. In the EU & US, propylene glycol is declared it as generally safe for use. It is known for its moisture-retaining properties and its improved mixing ability.

    • Vegetable glycerine: A thick liquid with a sweet flavour that is also used in a wide range of everyday products. Vegetable glycerine contributes towards the sweeter flavour profile of e-liquids as well as being the ingredient responsible for producing the vapour clouds. E-liquids with larger ratios of VG will work better with devices that operate at higher temperatures.

    • Flavouring: The flavouring used in e-liquid is generally food grade, and many brands prefer to develop their own flavours using natural ingredients such as fruit juices.

    • Nicotine: The liquid nicotine used in e-liquid is generally pharmaceutical grade. The type of nicotine used in standard premixed e-liquids is called freebase, this is the same kind found in traditional cigarettes. If you prefer a smoother draw and a faster nicotine hit, you should consider nic salt e-liquids instead. Due to regulations introduced in 2017, the maximum nicotine level available to buy in the UK is 20mg. E-liquids can be purchased with varying amounts of nicotine between 0mg - 20mg but the main strengths are 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 20mg.

    • Distilled water

    Buy E-liquid online at F&S Vape Shop

    Browse our full range of 10ml e-liquids below and order online today for fast UK delivery. If you require assistance in choosing the right option for your device or vaping style, contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.

  • Nic Salt E-liquids

    At F&S Vape Shop you can find an extensive range of nic salt e-liquids suitable for every kind of vaping device in our online store. Nic salt e-liquids are a great alternative to regular e-liquids if you prefer a stronger hit and a smoother draw.

    What are nic salts?

    Nic salts is short for nicotine salts, and they are precisely what they purport to be – naturally occurring salts that are derived from tobacco. The salts themselves are blended with the flavoured e-liquid base, providing a smoother draw with an almost immediate nicotine hit.

    What’s the difference between nic salt e-liquids and regular e-liquids with a nicotine content?

    The main difference between these two types of juice is how it affects your vaping experience. The nicotine in a regular e-liquid is in its purest form, which provides a harsher nicotine hit the higher the nicotine percentage. Nic salts are mixed with other ingredients that allow the salts to be used at lower temperatures. Due to the way nic salts are processed, they have a lower PH level, so the throat hit is less harsh and the nicotine is easier to absorb.

    Are nic salts dangerous?

    The idea that nicotine in itself is dangerous is a common misconception. When smoking regular tobacco, it is the tobacco itself, along with the smoke and other chemicals that cause the lion’s share of danger to your health. Whilst nicotine is an addictive chemical, it carries far fewer toxins in its natural form than it does in tobacco.

    Biggest nic salt e-liquid brands

    At F&S Vape Shop, you can find all the major producers of nic salt e-liquids in our online store. These include Dinner Lady, Nasty, Vampire Vape, Wick Liquor, The Milkman, and so many more. These companies are experts in the blending of high quality e-liquids and apply the same care and attention to their nic salt varieties as they do their traditional juices.

    The right nic salt e-liquid for you

    Whether you favour a tank-based vaping device, or a pod device, you can find the nic salt e-liquids you need in our online store. From pods to bottles, there is something for every vaper in our online store, or in our Central London vape stores.

  • Pre-filled vape pods

    F&S Vape Shop stock a range of pre-filled vape pods for devices by manufacturers including Element E-Liquid, JUUL, Relx, and Vuse.

    What are pre-filled vape pods?

    Pod devices have been growing in popularity over the last few years, favoured for their small, simplistic design, portability, and great value. Working in a similar way to the original cig-a-likes, they are inhale activated. Consisting of a rechargeable battery and a pre-filled pod, they are a loved by new and experienced vapers alike. To use, you simply charge the battery, slot the pod into place, and you're ready to vape! When the pod is empty, you remove it and add a new one.

    Pre-filled vape pods are quick and easy to use. Unlike tanks, there is no refilling required and no need to prime or replace coils. The pods are compact, so it's convenient to carry a spare in your pocket or bag. 2ml pre-filled pods will generally last for 1 day when used by a heavy vaper, 2 days for a moderate vaper, or around a week for a casual vaper. Depending on the brand, pods are available to purchase in packs of 2, 3, or 4, offering great value for any type of user.

    As pre-filled pods are used in lower powered devices and contain nic salt e-liquid, they are ideal for mouth to lung vapers, new users, and ex-smokers. They produce less vapour than vape pens and mods, however, they provide a smoother draw and a faster nicotine hit.

    Which pre-filled vape pods should I choose?

    Pre-filled vape pods are designed to be used with specific brands or models of pod device. For example:

    • Relx pods are designed for use with the Relx Essential device

    • Vuse pods are designed for use with the Vuse ePod device

    Buy pre-filled pods at F&S Vape Shop

    Browser the range below to view pre-filled vape pods by Element E-Liquid, JUUL, Relx, and Vuse. Order online for fast UK delivery. Qualifying products include multi-buy options and free delivery over £25. If you require assistance in choosing the correct pods for your device, contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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