Milkman short fill e-liquid

The Milkman is a 1950s America inspired range of e-liquids. Created by the owner of a hookah and ice cream business, the knowledge of flavour blending has transferred over flawlessly to produce a high-end e-liquid line.

The Milkman range focuses on sweet blends and dessert flavours that make them one of the most popular choices for new and established vapers alike. At F&S Vape Shop, we stock these flavours:

Churrios - Churrios begins with an inhale of honey nut cereal flavour and finishes with an exhale of Mexican churros and creamy milk.

Crumbleberry - Crumbleberry has a buttery, crumble inhale and a sweet, punchy raspberry exhale that combine perfectly for a soothing dessert flavour.

Little Dipper - Little Dipper starts with the buttery biscuit flavour of cookies and has a creamy milk exhale that combine for a velvety, sugar finish.

Milky Os - Milky Os features a buttery biscuit and chocolate inhale that combines with a smooth milk exhale for a delightfully fun flavour.

Pudding - A fabulously tangy combination of vanilla pudding flavour and zingy lemon curd.

The Original - it is the brands flagship e-liquid and one of their most popular. It combines fruit tart, vanilla ice cream, cream, and milk for a perfectly balanced flavour.

Vanilla Custard - Vanilla Custard combines the flavours of sweet vanilla and creamy custard yo create a distinctively sweet vape.

We stock a variety of short fill and nic salt e-liquids to satisfy all of your vaping needs. The Milkman short fill e-liquids contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, leaving space for one 10ml shot. Mix with nic shots, nic salts, cooler shots or other e-liquids to achieve your desired blend. Short fills are available with 0mg of nicotine and high vg ratio making them ideal for use with sub ohm devices. Mixed and bottled in Los Angeles, USA. Supplied in squeezy bottles for easy filling and sealed with child resistant lids and tamper evident seals.

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