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Milkman nic salt e-liquid

The Milkman e-liquid range has been extended to include a selection of their most popular flavours mixed with nic salts. Milkman is well known for the 1950s America inspired e-liquids, with vapers across the globe championing the brand. Now those that prefer mouth to lung vaping can enjoy the delicious range of pre-mixed e-liquids as well. F&S Vape Shop stock the following Milkman nic salt e-liquids:

Churrios - Churrios combines sweet honey nut cereal flavours with moreish churros, powdered sugar, and delicate milk for a delicious dessert finish.

Crumbleberry - Crumbleberry is perfectly blended dessert flavoured e-liquid, combining sweet raspberry, rich buttery crumble, and heavy vanilla cream.

Gold - Gold is a traditional tobacco flavour with a twist. Rich, earthy tobacco combines with honey and cream for a smooth tasting vape.

Pudding - Pudding starts with a sweet vanilla pudding inhale and finishes with a mouth-watering lemon curd exhale.

Strudelhaus - Strudelhaus features the classic flavours of the traditional dessert by combining buttery pastry and rich brown sugar with juicy blueberries and heavy cream.

Sweet Mint - Sweet Mint captures the taste of spearmint gum, combining sweet mint with a refreshing exhale.

The Milkman - The Milkman is their signature blend, blending fruit tart flavours with light vanilla ice cream for a creamy sugary finish.

All e-liquids in the Milkman nic salts range are designed and manufactured in the US by The Vaping Rabbit. As a small batch e-liquid producer, they have a high focus on creating quality products and use steam distillation to produce their flavourings from organic fruit, spices, and herbs collected locally in Southern California. The Milkman nic salt range is available in 10ml bottles containing 10mg or 20mg of nic salts. The e-liquids are blended to a 50% VG/50% PG ratio making them suitable for mouth to lung vape kits. All e-liquids are sold in recyclable plastic bottles with a childproof lid and tamper evident seal.

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