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10ml e-liquid

F&S Vape Shop offers a fantastic selection of 10ml e-liquid options. With over 150 different flavours from Vampire Vape, Element E-Liquid, and Lazy, you're guaranteed to find the perfect vape juice to match your taste.

Best Vape Juice Flavours

Whether you prefer the sweet flavours of fruit, dessert, candy, or beverage inspired e-liquids, or choose to keep it traditional with rich tobacco or cool menthol, there is something for everyone. Our range has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best quality e-liquids at affordable prices. We also offer multi-buy savings and free UK delivery on qualifying orders over £25. With deals this good, you can try multiple flavours and discover your new favourite!

Our e-liquid range includes 50/50 and high VG e-liquids, suitable for use in all vaping devices. If you are new to vaping, using a refillable pod device, or just prefer mouth to lung, choose one of the thinner 50/50 vape liquids for a more authentic vape. If you prefer direct to lung vaping or are using a sub-ohm device, choose one of the thicker high VG e-liquids for greater cloud production and a more flavoursome vape. For added peace of mind, all of the 10ml e-liquids listed in this category are manufactured using only the highest-quality ingredients including food grade flavourings and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid is the juice that you add to your vaping device to create the vapour that you inhale. It usually consists of 5 ingredients:

• Propylene glycol: A clear liquid with a texture that is slightly thicker than water. It is used in many everyday products as an additive or ingredient including food, healthcare products, and cosmetics. In the EU & US, propylene glycol is declared it as generally safe for use. It is known for its moisture-retaining properties and its improved mixing ability.

• Vegetable glycerine: A thick liquid with a sweet flavour that is also used in a wide range of everyday products. Vegetable glycerine contributes towards the sweeter flavour profile of e-liquids as well as being the ingredient responsible for producing the vapour clouds. E-liquids with larger ratios of VG will work better with devices that operate at higher temperatures.

• Flavouring: The flavouring used in e-liquid is generally food grade, and many brands prefer to develop their own flavours using natural ingredients such as fruit juices.

• Nicotine: The liquid nicotine used in e-liquid is generally pharmaceutical grade. The type of nicotine used in standard premixed e-liquids is called freebase, this is the same kind found in traditional cigarettes. If you prefer a smoother draw and a faster nicotine hit, you should consider nic salt e-liquids instead. Due to regulations introduced in 2017, the maximum nicotine level available to buy in the UK is 20mg. E-liquids can be purchased with varying amounts of nicotine between 0mg - 20mg but the main strengths are 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 20mg.

• Distilled water

Buy E-liquid online at F&S Vape Shop

Browse our full range of 10ml e-liquids below and order online today for fast UK delivery. If you require assistance in choosing the right option for your device or vaping style, contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.

10ml e liquids | 50% VG or 70% VG | High VG | Nic Salts

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